Red Dot Design Award

HitotubuKanro Luxury Candy

HitotubuKanro Luxury Candy | Red Dot Design Award

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This packaging design was developed for the luxury version of Kanro candy, a famous product made by a Japanese confectionery producer with a history of over 100 years. The orange colour, foil-stamping and use of a Japanese paper called washi lend the product, which appeals mainly to a female target group, a high-class look. Symbols for the different flavours – ginger, plum, wasanbon (a fine Japanese sugar) and mizuame (a sweet syrup) – are die-cut into the gift box, so that the product is visible when the consumer slides open the lid.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    KANRO Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Design:
    DRAFT Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • art direction/concept:
    Akiko Sekimoto
  • graphic design:
    Akiko Sekimoto, Kazuya Iwanaga
  • production:
    Toshiaki Kawamata, Minako Nakaoka, Sachiko Hosoda, Ruri Fujimura