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This image and information brochure follows the conceptual approach to not only introduce the tax consultant Thomas Hambeck, the person behind the brand “HMBK”, but also vividly communicate his working method. His work process consists of three clearly structured steps: compression, analysis and optimisation. These are effectively illustrated by visual metaphors inside the brochure. A meticulous design with stitched binding and title embossing represents a sense of craftsmanship and the intellectual approach taken by this tax consultant.

  • Client:
    HMBK – Thomas Hambeck, Schwetzingen
  • Design:
    DAUBERMANN, Mannheim
  • Concept / Art Direction:
    Simon Daubermann
  • Graphic Design:
    Simon Daubermann, Stephan Bender
  • Text:
    Gabriele Schüle
  • Photography:
    Patrick Hammel