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HoAlive Water

HoAlive Water | Red Dot Design Award

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The exceptionally light and flat beverage packaging of HoAlive Water have an embossed bottle surface that is suggestive of mountains and valleys of the area where the water is drawn from. The bottles are easily carried in back pants pockets thanks to their rectangular yet also slightly curved shape. At the same time, given the flat side edges, they are easy to hold, especially for children. Finally, when placed back to back, the bottles allow for efficient, space-saving storage and this, at the same time, implicates a benefit for handling and distribution.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Xiao Le Shou Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan
  • Head of Marketing:
    Xiao-Tian Tang
  • Design:
    Dreamglobe Branding Design, Taichung City
  • Art Direction:
    Kai-Ting Liu
  • Head of Advertising:
    Yu-Lin Hsu
  • Strategic Planning:
    Yi-Wen Lin
  • Production:
    Guo-Jiu Chen, Ribo Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou
  • Photography:
    Zhi-Yan Zhuo, Professional Photography Ltd., Taichung City
HoAlive Water | Red Dot Design Award