Red Dot Design Award
Sustainable Packaging

Holcim Agrocal

Holcim Agrocal | Red Dot Design Award

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Agrocal powder is a natural, eco-friendly source of calcium and magnesium that increases soil fertility. In order to reach urban gardeners, it is now launched in small packages of 4 kg made from ecological, easily degradable paper, with a decorative single-colour print. Each package comes in a wooden box that is intended to be reused by gardeners. Different motivational sayings are carved into the box. Thanks to its stackability, this product becomes an independent entity which need not fight for a place on the shelves in the usually crowded agricultural supply stores.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Illustration:
    Eugen Slavik
  • Art Direction:
    Martina Siroti_ Pavleti_
  • Project Management:
    Julija _koro
  • Design:
    STUDIO SONDA, Vi_inada
  • Graphic Design:
    Andrej Glavi_i_
  • Client:
    Holcim Croatia
  • Creative Direction:
    Jelena Fi_ku_, Sean Poropat
Holcim Agrocal | Red Dot Design Award
Holcim Agrocal | Red Dot Design Award