Red Dot Design Award
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HONEY + BERRIES | Red Dot Design Award

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This packaging design was developed for creamed honey with berries and dried fruit. The task was to design jar labels that are unconventional, while conveying the contents in a clear and fun manner. Based on this concept, playful characters – fruit and berries in bee costumes – are central to the packaging design. Customers are drawn to the product by characters that are active, lively and enjoying themselves. They can be seen waving and looking up from the jar lids, so that even if the jars are placed on the lower shelves in a store, customers are still attracted to them.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design/Art Direction:
    Maria Ponomareva, Moscow
  • Client:
    Honey House, Saint Petersburg
  • 3D Visualisation:
    Pavel Gubin, Moscow
HONEY + BERRIES | Red Dot Design Award