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HORIZONTE – Zeitschrift für Architekturdiskurs Nr. 1–3

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HORIZONTE is a student-designed and -edited journal for architectural discourse, based on interviews with lecturers from a lecture series of the same name and complemented by essays, picture series and project descriptions. The magazine is conceived as a platform for exchange on contemporary architectural topics and aims to comply with the demand for societal relevance at the same time. The design of this ambitious series underlines the topics, which feature architects, planners and theoreticians of unconventional and critical strategies, expressing their ideas, with a surprising and multifaceted layout: specific highlights are found on all levels, in typography, illustration and photography, both interspers-ing and organising this text-heavy publication. The text blocks, for example, are structured by precisely placed quotes and marginal notes, and even the paper varies within the same issue, giving readers additional tactile stimulus to distinguish between the different topics and foci. Statement by the jury »The magazine HORIZONTE fascinates readers with the high quality and seriousness with which it approaches the topic of and discourse on architecture, as well as with the passion that shows in the design layout. The magazine series is published in a handy book format and each issue features a different and innovative solution to the problem of visualising the content in an attention-grabbing way.«

  • Design:
    Studentische Initiative horizonte, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / Bauhaus University Weimar