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Hsiao Mo Chi

Hsiao Mo Chi | Red Dot Design Award

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HSIAO MO CHI is a portable Chinese calligraphy set designed to help beginners enjoy the learning process of the art form. By applying product design, simplification and integration, calligraphy learners experience a cleaner, more convenient and more fascinating writing process. The overall product structure is based on the shape of a portable barrel. The top-down arrangement of the components is as such: an ink stone, a paperweight, brush water well, and a storage barrel. Users can use the barrel to store the calligraphy mat, ink stick, writing brush, and their works. The protrusions at the base of the brush water well speed up the progress of brush cleaning. The protrusion also depicts the Chinese character for 'water'. On the top of the writing brush, a spiritual design visually reminds users of their pen-holding posture. The users may apply the ink stick the same way the would use a glue stick—by twisting the tube so that they can keep their hands and writings neat. The calligraphy mat provides an area to place the supplies and can be rolled up after use. The leather corners of the calligraphy mat make it more convenient for users to store their works.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Chang Pei-Yu, Chiu Wei-Ju, Taiwan