Packaging, Limited Porcelain Edition


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The limited porcelain edition of the luxury perfume brand HUMIECKI & GRAEF comprises four fragrances, with an exclusive production of only 130 flacons each. The challenge was to develop a rectangular porcelain flacon, which formally recalls the design of the brand’s basic products. With a specially developed blowing technique, the flacons were glazed from the inside to make them suitable for perfume oils and alcohol. The decorative floral motifs were designed in collaboration with the Dutch artist Wouter Dolk and applied with a traditional hand-painting technique. The protective outer packaging is made of high-quality paper board; the flacon rests like a relic on a linen bed within.

  • Client:
    HUMIECKI & GRAEF GmbH, Zurich
  • Design:
    BEL EPOK GmbH, Cologne
  • head of marketing:
    Andreas Oettmeier
  • creative direction/concept:
    Sebastian Fischenich
  • project management:
    Stephanie Herse