Corporate Sound Concept

Hyundai Sound Branding


The new Hyundai brand appearance is based on a holistic sound concept extending across all media and sound applications. The aim of the sound branding is to complement the visual identity in creating a consistent brand experience. The mission to make modern mobility accessible to everyone formed the basis of the new branding, with essential natural elements of life featured at the heart of the new positioning. The sound logo is a simple, ascending six-tone sequence, catchy and instantly memorable, which is being used from now on to conclude all of Hyundai’s audio and audio-visual media. It symbolises a reduction to the essential, flows dynamically and gives a positive outlook on the future, as expressed by ending on an open tone with a bright timbre. Adapted and varied according to application, the “Hyundai Sound Universe” is used in vehicles as welcoming and warning sounds, at sales sites as ever-changing soundscapes, in image and advertising videos, at trade fairs and events, as well as for telephone on-hold music.

  • Client:
    Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    why do birds GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Project Management:
    Jennifer Stinglwagner
  • Motion Design:
    Jan Marius Bansche
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Johannes Lehniger, Holger Schuhmann
  • Sound Direction:
    Leopold Hoepner
  • Managing Director:
    Alexander Wodrich

Statement by the Jury

What is truly special and extraordinary about the new sound branding for Hyundai is that it translates the brand into different sound levels and layers matching the respective application. Yet it always ensures recognisability, is innovative in musical terms and pushes the boundaries of generic sound logos by stepping out of that “super nice area” to create something novel and highly attention-grabbing. That’s outstanding!

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