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Iceberg Songs

Iceberg Songs | Red Dot Design Award

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The aim in designing the Iceberg Songs website, which was launched for the start of the World Climate Conference 2015, was to raise awareness of the problem of climate change. The ice at the poles is melting faster than ever before. However, the polar regions are simply too far away for most people to emotionally relate to this global issue. Scientists recorded the natural sounds arising when icebergs melt. International musicians and artists then turned these sounds into individualised songs made available for public listening on the Iceberg Songs website. Each song is accompanied by 180-degree visualisations that react differently to the volume as well as high and low frequencies. The total time spent by visitors listening to the Iceberg Songs online is calculated. At the end of the project, politicians and other decision makers are asked to spend an equal amount of time as the accumulated listening time on finding solutions for the global issue of climate change.

Statement by the Jury

The designers of the Iceberg Songs website have succeeded in making something that is not immediately visible – global warming and the melting of the poles – emotionally accessible. A complex message is conveyed through audio and visuals in a highly appealing manner. Adopting an innovative and attractive approach, the website and its message also manage to appeal to young people.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Christoph Everke, Alexander Nagel
  • Creative Direction:
    Moritz Dornig Stefan Becker, Buzzin Monkey
  • Design:
    Serviceplan/Plan.Net, Munich
  • Global Chief Creative Officer:
    Alexander Schill
  • Text:
    Linda Moers, Volker Heine, Alessia Coschignano
  • Art Direction:
    Christian Mittelmaier, Matthias Schuster, Kathrin Wetzel, Rebecca Labiner
  • Client:
    UNFCCC, Bonn
Iceberg Songs | Red Dot Design Award
Iceberg Songs | Red Dot Design Award
Iceberg Songs | Red Dot Design Award
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