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ID Jons

ID Jons | Red Dot Design Award

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Alexander is a well-known beer blogger in Russia. More recently he became a brewer with the brand name ID Jons. Inspired by the name, this packaging design focuses on the topic of identification. The design adds humour by placing identikit portraits of persons who resemble famous people on the labels. This imagery is a fairly revolutionary solution for the label, even in the craft beer category, but it allows this beer to stand out and attract new experience hunters. The key visuals are supplemented by style names relating to the characters of the different beer types.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Creative Direction:
    Andrey Kugaevskikh
  • Illustration:
    Antonina Shvets
  • Design:
    Svoe Mnenie, Moscow
  • Art Direction:
    Yaroslav Zheleznyakov
  • Client:
    ID Jons, Moscow