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The Institut IGH d.d. has developed into a leading civil engineering consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe. The institute’s services include planning, supervision and the construction of roads, bridges and other large structural and civil engineering projects. Based on a design language that is inspired by visual elements specific to the field of construction, the company logo features the letter “H” on a square grid. A colour scheme centred on red enhances the impact of the company’s visual identity, which involves of a variety of advertising materials. The logo can be applied in 2D and 3D, with the 3D version realised in two versions of cross sections: either as a square or as a circle.

  • Client:
    Institut IGH d.d., Zagreb
  • Design:
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Boris Ljubi i
  • concept:
    Boris Ljubi i
  • graphic design:
    Boris Ljubi i
  • 3d graphic:
    Boris Ljubi i