Image ­Ethnography – Zhuang Xueben ­Photographs

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This book presents a collection of photographs by Zhuang Xueben, an important Chinese anthropology photographer of the early 20th century. The photos were taken between 1934 and 1942, documenting the daily lifestyles, religions, costumes, products and geography of the time. The book design was based on noninterference in order to be able to accurately record the precious minority culture. The aim is to reflect the plain, natural and elegant style and the toned colour of that period in the Republic of China. In addition, the book cover is made from handmade blue-dyed calico, featuring a typical vertical typography.

  • Design:
    Hang Hai, Meng Jie, Beijing
  • Editor:
    Guoqiang Xv
  • Editor-in-Chief:
    Yuanfeng Liu
  • Chief Director:
    Yang He
  • Client:
    Ethnic Costume Museum, Beijing _Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing
  • Publisher:
    SDX Joint Publishing Company, Beijing