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In Bewegung! – 50 Jahre Diakonische Jugendhilfe

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The campaign “In Bewegung!” (“On the move!”) for the Diakoni-sche Jugendhilfe was developed for the youth welfare organisation’s 50th anniversary. The objective of presenting a Christian institution in a modern, young and occasionally also provoking way, was realised with a strong colour and typography concept. The flexibility of the distinctive design elements was particularly well adapted in the book for the campaign, which unites findings from 50 eventful and moving years into one lively picture. The speech bubble as key design element represents the authentic voices of contemporary witnesses.

  • Client:
    Diakonische Jugendhilfe Region Heilbronn e.V., Eppingen-Kleingartach
  • Design:
    ARTelier Reiss KG, Volxheim
  • creative direction:
    Martin Reiss
  • art direction:
    Vasiliki Parashudi
  • concept:
    Silke Maurer, Martin Reiss