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In Good Hands Adris Group Annual Report 2011

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Adris Group, a successful company owned by its hundreds of employees, acquires companies that have recently been privatised by the Republic of Croatia and aims to improve them. In order to show that good things grow “in good hands”, this company group’s annual report entitled “In Good Hands” reveals floral details when heated by the palms of the hands, thus metaphorically illustrating how hands can achieve anything. The same specifically calibrated thermo colour was used for both the cover and the inside illustrations, which may also be tilted. The concept of the annual report is also evoked by the short stories in which workers-stockholders share their personal view concerning the past, future and influence of the group on their lives. They are portrayed in black-and-white illustrations, which alongside the two reading directions – that is from front to back and vice versa, either in Croatian or in English – embody an additional example of the self-sufficient and highly complex design of this work. Statement by the jury »The leitmotif of the “hand” recurs throughout the book-format annual report, ranging from the title, which turns the topic into a tangible and visible experience thanks to the thermo colour cover, to the illustrations inside, which also tilt when touched due to the heat of the hand. The highly engaging and sophisticated design of this publication and, last but not least, the special binding including the cover turn, “In Good Hands” incorporates an outstanding example of an annual report.«

  • Client:
    Adris Group, Rovinj
  • Design:
    Bruketa&Žinić OM, Zagreb
  • creative direction:
    Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić
  • art direction:
    Nebojša Cvetković, Neven Crljenak
  • editor:
    Predrag D. Grubić
  • executive editor:
    Kristina Miljavac
  • text:
    Hrvoje Patajac
  • copywriting:
    Ivan Čadež
  • illustration:
    Vedran Klemens
  • production manager:
    Vesna Đurašin
  • account management:
    Zrinka Jugec
  • senior account executive:
    Ivana Drvar
  • pre-press:
    Radovan Radičević
  • printing:
    Cerovski Print Boutique, Stega tisak
  • thermo colour silkscreen printing:
  • binding/blind stamping:
    Knjigovežnica Firšt