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In-Traffic Reply | Red Dot Design Award

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A high percentage of car crashes are caused by inattentiveness due to smartphone use. Taking that into con-sideration, the In-Traffic Reply app was conceived to take over replies of in-coming messages on behalf of users while they are in traffic. It automatically switches on as soon as they accelerate to a speed of 10 km/h. The replies sent contain short cartoons showing in a cheerful way what can happen when people text while driving. For that, ten different upbeat videos have been created. In doing so, the app significantly helps road users to remain focused on the road and stay safe – and social.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Samsung Electronics Benelux, Schiphol, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Cheil Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Managing Director:
    Mariska Kloezen Cheil Amsterdam
  • Creative Direction:
    Thijs de Boer (Executive Creative Director) Jimmy Mars Pieter Perry Cheil Amsterdam
  • Account Management:
    Judith Langeslag Petra Bax Irene Spronk Cheil Amsterdam
  • Production Design:
    Danny Bakker Cheil Amsterdam
  • Technical Direction:
    Mario Piepenbrink
  • Strategic Planning:
    Roen Roomberg
  • Production:
    Melissa Nieveld
  • Illustration / Animation:
    Berend van Eerde Tom Schrooten Botoboto
  • Marketing/Communication:
    Gerben van Walt Meijer Roos Bulder Femke Koenen Susanne Damen Anne ter Braak Samsung Electronics Benelux
In-Traffic Reply | Red Dot Design Award
In-Traffic Reply | Red Dot Design Award
In-Traffic Reply | Red Dot Design Award