Corporate Identity


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In²tech is a Korean start-up, whose mission is to research and invest in insect biotechnology. Its communication design is based on a “Green Wonderland” concept. “Green” signifies nature and proliferation, while “Wonderland” stands for harmony and innovation. The company’s logo, which merges pixelated images of a ladybug and a stag beetle, epitomises the company’s motto: “Discovery. Convergence. Diffusion.” The design utilises a narrowly defined colour spectrum and strategic positioning and iterations of various insect shapes. The clean and intuitive design aptly conveys In²tech’s mission.

  • Client:
    In_tech, Seoul
  • Design:
    Koncept Inc., Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Jeeyeon Kim
  • Art Direction:
    Chorok Kang
  • Account Management:
    Jinhee Park