Red Dot Design Award
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INFORMATION | Red Dot Design Award

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This temporary exhibition portrayed the graphic design of Latvia, demonstrating 12 different facets via the work of Latvian graphic designers. As the field is associated with fast-paced change, the exhibition sought to invite visitors to explore the diversity of the field and thus become aware of its significance and progress in every subdiscipline. The exhibition design itself had emerged from the basic principles of graphic design. The concept is that twelve almost levitating surfaces resemble white A4-size sheets. Multiplied 45 times, the exhibition content is thus positioned on a grid network with a linear design of black-and-white elements.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, Riga
  • Design:
    Design studio H2E, Riga
  • Curator:
    Ing_na Elere, Holgers Elers, Barbara _bele, Dita Danosa
INFORMATION | Red Dot Design Award