Ingro Pumps

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The packaging design for this set of low-priced household pumps was intended to “turn Russian pumps into the real heroes of the masses” – not without a tinge of self irony. The targeted clientele is one who lives in the country and values mutual support within their small communities. Each pump is humorously marketed with a caricature hero, either a down-to-earth type, who could be a next-door neighbour helping out, or one who dispels certain myths about Russian people, such as that “Russian scientists make dangerous inventions” or that “Russians have muscles for brains”.

  • Client:
    Dukon, Saint Petersburg
  • Design:
    :Otvetdesign, Saint Petersburg
  • Creative Direction:
    Vladimir Fedoseev
  • Art Direction:
    Arina Yushkevich
  • Graphic Design:
    Arina Yushkevich, Anna Lysenko, Suzanna Belkina
  • Account Management:
    Aleksandr Bakin