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Innerbottle | Red Dot Design Award

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Cosmetic products use excessive heavy packaging and used bottles are hard to clean because they mostly contain oil residue, which requires a great amount of water for rinsing. At the same time, conventional bottles are inefficient as they leave up to 33% content residue. Innerbottle solves these problems by reducing waste and lowering the cost of packaging and facilitating recycling. Innerbottle is made from a specially formulated silicone, which can be completely incinerated and recycled into silicone oil, while the outer packaging (external bottle) can be reused again and again. This keeps the outer shell clean so it can be fully recycled, while the inner barrier – made from specially formulated 100% BPA-free silicone – prevents oxidation and denaturation of content, keeping it safe until the final use. It leaves less than 2% of residue and can be completely incinerated or recycled to silicone oil after use.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Innerbottle Inc., South Korea
  • Design Lead:
    Steve Oh
  • Design:
    Cho Young Bin, Rita Choi, Jang Yo Kyung, Kim Jun Yong, Yang Jun Hyeong