Red Dot Design Award

Innovative 3D Crystal Watch

Innovative 3D Crystal Watch | Red Dot Design Award

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Innovative 3D Crystal Watch draws inspiration from minimalism. The watch is designed by subtraction and removes any features that are excessive, confusing or wasteful. This watch design looks beyond conventional watch designs. A typical watch dial uses metal heavily in the faceplate design. To introducing a refreshing way of reading time, Innovative 3D Crystal Watch chooses to subtract the metal time indicators. Instead, it shifts the focus from the dial to the often-ignored crystal lens: the time indicators are etched into the glass. This also helps reduce manufacturing costs and increase production speed. The glass lens makes up approximately 70% of the entire watch and subtly obscures the crown. This gives the watch a clean aesthetic and a sense of space rarely found in typical timepieces. Coupled with a 3D stereoscopic effect created by the depth between the glass crystal and hands, the watch presents a more open and flexible way of reading time.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    Dong Guan BVG Industrial Corp., Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Tang Siu Hung
  • Design:
    Jiang Shu Ting
Innovative 3D Crystal Watch | Red Dot Design Award