Red Dot Design Award
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JA Minds

JA Minds | Red Dot Design Award

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JA stands for Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, the nation’s largest cooperative in its category. The overall design concept creates a surprising communication platform for customers. The new visual identity with its pictograms is capable of building affinity with the brand and instantly communicating JA’s services to a wide target group, from children to senior citizens as well as people engaged in agriculture. The pictograms match local specialities in their respective areas and can be applied to other service branches of JA Minds.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Minds Agricultural Cooperative, Tokyo
  • Design:
    6D-K Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • art direction:
    Shogo Kishino
  • graphic design:
    Shogo Kishino, Nozomi Tagami
  • project management:
    Yasuhiro Kondo
  • illustration:
    Ichio Otsuka
JA Minds | Red Dot Design Award
JA Minds | Red Dot Design Award