Corporate Design Relaunch

Jäger & Jäger

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The idea underlying the redesign and relaunch of the corporate design of agency Jäger & Jäger was to follow an ironic approach. Since the last names of the two owners and founders, Jäger & Jäger, translates into English as “hunter & hunter”, antlers were formed from two or more Js to allude ironically to the name of the agency. The antlers are all shaped out of a variety of original type fonts and vary in their appearance, size and arrangement; however, the original form of the letter “J” was never modified. The antlers are used on all communication media with an individual variation each time so that the agency has a repertoire of different letterheads. In addition, different stamps were developed including “Jägerlatein”, which literally translates as “hunter’s Latin” and means “cock-and-bull stories”, that is, exaggerated or even fanciful stories told by hunters about the number and size of animals they hunted. The great variation that the new corporate design allows for is thus enhanced by another original element that aims to make addressees smile. Statement by the jury »This corporate design convinced the jury with its ironic humour: the antlers, shaped out of the first letters of the agency’s name, reflects the meaning of this family name and represents a highly creative approach to corporate identity. At the same time, it offers great variation and flexibility and has high aesthetic appeal.«

  • Client:
    Jäger & Jäger, Überlingen
  • Design:
    Jäger & Jäger, Überlingen Regina Jäger, Olaf Jäger