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Jarra | Red Dot Design Award

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Before refrigerators were invented, clay vessels known as a ‘jarra’ were used to keep water cool. The water would seep through the walls and evaporate, leaving it cool and refreshing on a warm summer day. In present days, ceramics are required to be glazed when in contact with food as bacteria can grow in the pores of unglazed products. Because of this, the natural cooling effect of ceramics is compromised. Through the use of special glaring techniques, Jarra has been reinterpreted in a contemporary design that still cools liquid all while meeting safety standards to reintroduce people to the refreshing taste of clay cooled water.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Twelve Degree, Jordan
  • Design Lead:
    Sahar Madanat
  • Design:
    Ahmad Jarrar
Jarra | Red Dot Design Award