Red Dot Design Award

JINS Next Typeface

JINS Next Typeface | Red Dot Design Award

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As part of its brand identity, the Japanese eyewear manufacturer JINS commissioned this internationally applicable typography. On the one hand, the corporate typeface implements contemporary Western design principles by using an expressive geometric font. On the other hand, font styles and characters have been optimised to ensure a smooth combination of Latin and Japanese characters. Thus, the modern typeface achieves a distinct, highly functional quality while communicating an emotional appeal.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    KMS TEAM, Munich
  • Managing Director:
    Patrick Märki
  • Managing Partner:
    Knut Maierhofer
  • Client:
    JIN Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Typography:
    Hendrik Weber
JINS Next Typeface | Red Dot Design Award