Red Dot Design Award
Interactive Chalkboard Walls


JK5 | Red Dot Design Award

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The aim of the project was to turn a dilapidated building, which offers rooms for foreign students, into an appealing home. To achieve this, communal areas were re-designed. With colourful chalkboard paint and bold typography, the interior was turned into part of the architecture and converted into a vibrant living space. The hallways were painted from floor to ceiling, turning them into chalkboards. Instead of forbidding people to write on the walls, the students now use them as an interactive communication surface.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    HOAS Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region
  • Design:
    Ilari Laitinen, Enni Koistinen
  • map design:
    Jonna Taegen, Jill Taegen
  • strategic planning:
    Ilari Laitinen
  • photography:
    Antti Ahtiluoto
JK5 | Red Dot Design Award
JK5 | Red Dot Design Award
JK5 | Red Dot Design Award