User Experience Design


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As the digitalisation of education continues to evolve, JUMP constitutes an adaptive learning system that adapts to both the level and the speed of learning. The aim in developing this interface was to create a learning system that is attractive and intuitive to use for all parties. It helps students to have fun while learning and motivates them to keep practising their skills at home. At the same time, it provides teachers with necessary insight into the individual progress of their students, as they can track all developments.

  • Account Management:
    Maike Vilé
  • Digital Concept:
    Robert Leufkens
  • Client:
    Malmberg, ’s-Hertogenbosch
  • Creative Direction:
    Evan Gelders
  • Web Design:
    Eric Pronk, Sven Hanssen
  • Publisher:
    Hans Prins
  • Design:
    Resoluut, Amsterdam