Red Dot Design Award
Beverage Packaging

Käfer – Handle with care

Käfer – Handle with care | Red Dot Design Award

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The wine range for Feinkost Käfer illustrates in a playful and humorous way the risks and benefits of enjoying wine. The label print illustrates the aphrodisiac effect of wine through a combination of friendly icons and mathematical equations. The quality of the wine is indirectly conveyed even without direct product advertising. The clean lines and the minimalistic appearance of the icons are highlighted by the transparent material of the labels. The white lettering in contrast to the dark glass bottle attracts a high level of attention.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Feinkost Käfer GmbH, Munich
  • Design:
    Bloom GmbH, Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Christof Jung
  • Account Management:
    Kathrin Wormer