Kampo Health Tea

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The package design for the five kinds of Kampo health teas refers back to the “game of the five animals”, a renowned concept for physical exercises of Wu Qin Xi. In accordance with this, the tea packages are decorated with the five animals: tiger, deer, bear, ape and crane. They are available in two versions. On the one hand, a single sheet of cardboard is folded into a trapeze-shaped box. On the other hand, there are round gift boxes with motion cards, which can be used to produce an animation of various exercises. This is supposed to motivate the user to get involved.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Design:
    Hsieh Yi-Chieh, New Taipei City Chiu Tzu-Chian, Taipei City Weng Yu-Ting, Taoyuan City Lu Shao-Wei, Taoyuan City