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Katerbuch | Red Dot Design Award

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The amusing stories about the cause of hangovers and traditional remedies in this booklet targeted modern, well-educated nightclubbing people with the message that Thomapyrin, a German painkiller, is a reliable remedy not solely for everyday headaches but also for hangovers. The idioms relating to excessive alcohol consumption vary greatly from country to country. In German the word for hangover is “Kater” which literally translates as “male cat”. The booklet introduces the world’s ten most famous male cats in the form of woodcut illustrations. These are designed around different cat visuals, inspired by local interpretations of the word “hangover”. In Sweden for example one refers to a “smack from behind”, because ending up under a table at a good party might lead to a painful experience the next morning. So a cat is shown with a large lump on its head next to chopped eel with bitter almonds as a traditional hangover remedy. 500 printed booklets were distributed in museums. Positive feedback for the painkiller was received from the target group as a result of these very humorous and eccentric illustrations. Statement by the jury »The realisation was a highly sophisticated solution that communicated the message with some telling visuals. The combination of classical woodcuts in a contemporary, comic-like style lends the illustrations an appealing and highly emotional quality.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelheim am Rhein
  • Design:
    Havas Worldwide Düsseldorf (Euro RSCG Düsseldorf)
  • creative direction:
    Michel Becker
  • graphic design:
    Dietmar Fischer
  • text:
    Alexander Wenig
  • customer advisory service:
    Dennis Schuster
Katerbuch | Red Dot Design Award
Katerbuch | Red Dot Design Award
Katerbuch | Red Dot Design Award