Corporate Design

Katholisches Stadtdekanat Wuppertal

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The logo for the Catholic Deanery of the City of Wuppertal is centred on Saint Lawrence and the Catholic community. Saint Lawrence distributed the property of the church to the poor, thus revealing community to be the real treasure. This tradition forms the basis for the design concept, which aims to convey a modern image of pastoral care. In Catholic tradition, the colour blue represents Heaven as well as intellectual transparency and clarity. The logo can also be flexibly adapted to other application areas within Wuppertal’s Catholic parish.

  • Client:
    Stadtdekanat Wuppertal
  • Design:
    roemer und höhmann, strategisches design, Wuppertal
  • art direction/concept:
    Marion Roemer, Daniela Höhmann
  • graphic design:
    Daniela Höhmann
  • text:
    Marion Roemer
  • photography:
    Uwe Schinkel
  • printing:
    Druckerei Huth
  • 3d graphics:
    Igor Ljubi i