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The challenge in staging the brand KEYREUS, a social network, involved toying with the idea of exclusiveness: sparking interest, personally inviting people to join, and yet not being open to just anyone. Manifesting surprising pictorial language, this high-quality image brochure offers a taste of the networking world and communicates its most important benefits. Refined production techniques such as thread stitching, hot foil stamping, and lamination – along with the key message “Superior networking happens behind closed doors” – convey a promising exclusiveness.

  • Client:
    KEYREUS Holding AG, Zürich
  • Design:
    grasundsterne Werbeagentur und Corporate Publishing GmbH, Munich
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Tim Grasmann
  • graphic design:
    Iris Fuchs
  • text:
    Mathias Dollinger
  • project management:
    Myriam Troester