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For the Kia Optima iPad app, the existing user interface of the Kia e-publication has been improved for customers and retailers. The idea is to allow them to experience the design quality of the Kia Optima and to gain intuitive access to all relevant information. Combining the main video clip function and menu, users can view content while watching video clips and quickly move to the desired content with the menu button at the bottom of the video timeline. A horizontal menu structure allows in-stant access to desired content and reduces user fatigue. The video clips used for this app can also serve as advertising communication on their own.

  • Design:
    JNS communications, Seoul
  • Graphic Design:
    Ji-Hey Choi, Su-Ji Lim
  • Head of Marketing:
    Yong-Tae Shin
  • Client:
    Kia Motors Corporation, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Seung-Ho Cho
  • Project Management:
    Seok-Hoon Jeong
  • Art Direction:
    Jun-Young Choi
  • Publisher:
    Joong-Kwan Yoon