Red Dot Design Award
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KIN CUP | Red Dot Design Award

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The fact that the Kin Cup company offers coffee specialities in many different countries around the globe served as a point of departure for developing this brand identity. A total of 32 characters were created out of the letter “I” to visualise the particularities of each individual country, including clothing and complexion, with each complemented by the national flag. Identity emerges from an easily recognisable design that is customerfriendly and conveys how well the brand is known globally. The design aims at creating a direct link to the customer so they experience the brand as unique.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    SPC, Seoul
  • Design:
    SPC, Seoul
  • Project Management:
    Hur Heesoo
  • Creative Direction:
    Park Junhee
  • Art Direction:
    Kang Joong Gyu
  • Graphic Design:
    Son Soorin, Lee Sangbae, Lee Young Hun, Na Ji Yeon
KIN CUP | Red Dot Design Award