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Kinmen Wind Lion Kaoliang Liquor

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Wind Lion is a god which helps people avoid misfortune. In the Kinmen group of islands there are many statues depicting this god. Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is a well-known Taiwan spirit. The package design involves the cult of the Kinmen Wind Lion and thus refers to the cultural heritage of Taiwan. The bottles are provided with various, colourful ceramics recreating the statues. Analogous to the cloaks hung on the real statues, which are donated as a gift to the god, the label on the bottle is designed as a paper cloak.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Design:
    Ya Xuan Zheng, Hsiao Chi Chiu, Szu Ying Liao, Shin Yuan Yang, Yu Jie Shih, Department of Visual Communication Design, Jinwen University of Science and Technology
  • University:
    Jinwen University of Science and Technology, New Taipei City, Taiwan