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KLM Layover with a Local

KLM Layover  with a Local | Red Dot Design Award

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Designed for the airline KLM, this app targets passengers who have a layover in Amsterdam, taking an entertaining approach to helping them get to know the city. It allows travellers to discover and experience the city in authentic meetings with inhabitants. After land-ing in Amsterdam, the app provides travellers with clear instructions and a free train ticket to the city centre, where a local person picks them up and takes them to visit one of several preselected pubs, cafes and restaurants for a free drink until they are notified when it is time to get back to the airport. Locals from Amsterdam who participate have a chance to win two airplane tickets to the country the traveller is from.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Graphic Design:
    Christian Mezofi, Joost Huver
  • Animation:
    Scott McPherson
  • Creative Direction:
    Daniel Sytsma
  • Concept:
    Niklas Kristensen, Jasper Janssen
  • Client:
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amstelveen
  • Design:
    ACHTUNG!, Amsterdam
KLM Layover  with a Local | Red Dot Design Award