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Korea National Football Team Home Jersey

Korea National Football Team Home Jersey | Red Dot Design Award

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This packaging was specially crafted for the home jersey produced by Nike in 2014 for the Korea National Football Team. Its distinctive design elements are fans and curved ventilation holes, which as key visuals with the claim “Cool under Pressure” symbolise the highly developed moisture-absorbing technology and wearing quality of these textiles as well as the lightness of the materials. The construction of the packaging realises a concept that visualises these special characteristics. Thus, the fans actually spin, while the sides of packaging that open upwards are rendered with the curved shape of the ventilation holes. The upper side of the transparent inner cover placed on the jersey is designed after the collar of a hanbok, the traditional Korean gown. In order to make the jersey easier to remove, the design element is also applied to the packaging.

Statement by the Jury

Following a consistent concept, this packaging communicates both the key topics of the Nike brand and the technical features of the contained 2014 home jersey of the Korea National Football Team. The jersey’s special characteristics of ventilation are convincingly represented through funny, appealing and simple ventilation objects. The design thus achieves an overall strong and coherent message.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
  • Design:
    Tae Hyun Kim, NIKE SPORTS KOREA Creative Company KKI
  • Creative Direction:
    Tae Ho Yoo
  • Art Direction:
    Seung In Baek
  • Graphic Design:
    Myung Woo Nam
  • Text:
    Jong Dae Kim
Korea National Football Team Home Jersey | Red Dot Design Award