Beverage Packaging

Kořínek Winery

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The vineyards of the Kořínek Winery are located at the border of a national park in the Czech valley of the Thaya River. Therefore, illustrations of animals living in the area were chosen as the leitmotif for the bottle design. The images used for the packaging were created by linocut printing technique to emphasise the craftsmanship of winery. The name of this wine range is stamped on the label in the form of a metallic foil seal, while the logo, the initial “K” with roots attached, refers to the name of the vintner, Kořínek, which is the Czech word for “rootlet”.

  • Client:
    Vina_ství Ko_ínek, Hnanice
  • Design:
    Pergamen, Trnava
  • Creative Direction:
    Juraj Demovi_
  • Graphic Design:
    Juraj Demovi_, Lívia Lörinczová, Juraj Vontor_ík
  • Photography:
    Jakub Dvo_ák
  • Illustration:
    Veronika Klímová