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When you eat something delicious or have an epiphany at a certain location, you vocalise it through KOTOTABI. Voice recognition transforms the spoken words into text clouds that float and soar into the digital space. The word clouds can be viewed through a smartphone or AR glasses. As our words float through the air, you may discover something happening in your neighbourhood down the road, or you may be the one to draw attention to specific areas where you have a calling. Thus begins a new journey. KOTOTABI MIC is a simple voice input tool with built-in GPS that allows the user to leave a cloud of words without using their phone. Worn around the neck or attached to the bag, and a glowing indicator will notify the user whenever they come across a digital word cloud, which can lead to new discoveries. Even children can easily leave words, and together with their parents, they can enjoy watching the word cloud with their smartphones or AR glasses and expand their world with KOTOTABI. In a future where AR and mirror worlds are commonplace and the digital and physical worlds merge, why not embark on a journey to discover something new in a cloud of words? This concept was created through a collaboration between Panasonic’s FUTURE LIFE FACTORY and a group of nomadic Gen Z creatives affiliated with ADDress, an address-free living community.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interaction and User Experience

Red Dot

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