information design / public space

Kultur-Touristisches Leitsystem

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Panels, free-standing guideposts and pillars tied into the cultural-touristic signage system of St. Pölten awaken the interest of both visitors and local residents in a subtle and sophisticated manner. With rectangular windows in the panels and pillars, the elements of the signage system enter into dialogue with the surrounding environment and lend value to the places and buildings. Information points equipped with info screens and city-map compartments complete the thoroughly and meticulously positioned signage system, adding another spatial dimension to the city.

  • Client:
    Stadt St. Pölten / Township St. Pölten
  • Design:
    Gabriele Lenz, Büro für visuelle Gestaltung, Vienna; Anja Mönkemöller, mönkemöller und kreppel Architekturbüro ZT OG, Vienna
  • Creative Direction:
    Gabriele Lenz, Anja Mönkemöller
  • Graphic Design:
    Gabriele Lenz, Elena Henrich
  • Map Graphics:
    Elmar Bertsch