Kunstschätze des Mittelalters

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In the special exhibition “Mediaeval Art Treasures”, the Tyrolean State Museums featured outstanding exhibits from the collection to draw attention to the significance of Tyrolean art in the early and late Gothic periods. In order to set the mode of presentation apart from the museum’s permanent exhibition, the artefacts were positioned on structural elements. Reduced in terms of form and colour, these elements gave rise to new perspectives and spatial correspondences in each situation. The exhibition architecture was designed to enhance the exhibits and their auratic presence.

  • Client:
    Tiroler Landesmuseum, Innsbruck
  • Design:
    büro münzing, 3d kommunikation, Stuttgart Prof. Uwe Münzing, Fabian Friedhoff
  • curatorial direction:
    Dr. Eleonore Gürtler
  • graphic design:
    Brigida González