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Kunterbult | Red Dot Design Award

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Kunterbult is the innovative concept for a multimedia learning environment of a hospital for children and teenagers. Using humorously illustrated animals and entertaining stories, it provides information about diseases and professions in a hospital environment, thus reducing feelings of anxiety in children aged three and above as well as their parents. The heart of the cross-media concept is an interactive website which brings a closer look to different situations during the hospital’s daily routine. Different solutions like books, postcards, posters and offline games will encourage young visitors.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Auf der Bult – Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt, Hannover
  • Design:
    Identitätsstiftung, Hannover
  • Technical Development:
    slim / schütze lorth interactive media, Hannover
  • Creative Direction:
    Björn Vofrei
  • Graphic Design:
    Anna-Lena Drewes, Thimm Bubbel
  • Image Editing:
    Julian Voltmann
  • Illustration:
    Matthias Veitleder, little pilots, Hannover
  • Text:
    Lutz Woellert, Marcel Maas, Die Spielmacher, Hannover
  • Photography:
    Jonas Wömpner
Kunterbult | Red Dot Design Award