On-Air Design


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A new design package was created for the TV station ARTE’s short film magazine. It visually presents abstract ideas and possibilities for fostering the creative basis of the format’s varied content. The related sound design densifies the main graphic concept, which consists of different shapes, colours and materials coming together to form a “Kurzschluss-Plastik” (short-circuit sculpture). The movement of the elements and their desire for dissolution are represented by flowing sounds. In the overall composition, they form a harmonious whole together with the whispered title.

  • Client:
  • Design:
    zwonull / studio für design und animation gbr, Wuppertal
  • creative direction:
    Wolfram Zwanziger
  • art direction:
    Karsten Binar
  • music/sound design:
    Norbert Peraus
  • animation:
    Sebastian Gimmel