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The design of this handmade olive oil bottle is inspired by an ancient Corinthian pot called Aryballos. The redesign of the pot aspired to bring ancient qualities into the present and create a modern dispenser that meets high-quality standards. The bottle features an ergonomically improved design that makes it easier to refill. Thanks to its special lid and spout, there are no leaks or drips during use. The pot acts as a stoneware object that is both decorative and functional. The opaque packaging prevents light from penetrating, thus preserving the precious aroma of the olive oil.

  • Client:
    Melissi & Co., Athens
  • Design:
    Leandros Katsouris, Athens; Spyros Kizis, London
  • Graphic Design:
    Leandros Katsouris
  • Product Design:
    Spyros Kizis