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The Northern Lights are visible for up to 200 nights per year in Finnish Lapland. With the Laplication app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, users do not have to travel to the northern edge of Finland in order to experience it for themselves. Utilising augmented reality technology, users simply point their smartphone camera at the sky, while GPS data and the phone’s compass provide the distance and directions to Lapland. Furthermore, the application includes travel information and pictures from the region.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Regional Council of Lapland
  • Design:
    SEK & GREY Finland (Lead Creative Agency) Great Apes Ltd (Digital Design & Development)
  • marketing director:
    Hanna-Mari Talvensaari
  • marketing coordinator:
    Pauliina Silven-Alamartimo
  • art direction:
    Sami Kelahaara, SEK & GREY Niko Sipilä, Mika Mäkinen, Great Apes
  • copywriting:
    Suvi Lähde, SEK & GREY
  • account director:
    Laura Mertano, SEK & GREY
  • strategic planning:
    Sami Lanu, SEK & GREY
  • project coordination:
    Mikko Sairio, Great Apes
  • development:
    Mikko Saario, Antti Kaukinen, Great Apes
  • 3d production:
    Fake Graphics (winter animation), Pinata (summer animation)