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LATAM Sans was created as the official typeface of South American LATAM Airlines Group. The typographical design solution combines rounded and angular shapes to create a harmonious whole. The idea behind this balance is the corporate objective to do business with both efficiency and care. A minimised number of strokes in the sans serif font conveys a sense of velocity that matches the airline. Since the typeface was inspired by handwriting, it has a warm, individual touch that triggers positive emotions.

  • Client:
    LATAM Airlines, Santiago de Chile
  • Creative Direction:
    Beto Almeida, Sérgio Cury, Leandro Strobel, Interbrand
  • Typography:
    Daniel Sabino, Blackletra Fabio Testa, Interbrand
  • Design:
    Interbrand, São Paulo Blackletra, São Paulo
  • Graphic Design:
    Gil Bottari, Interbrand