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Leica Camera

Leica Camera | Red Dot Design Award

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The newly developed corporate design of Leica Camera aims at reflecting values such as an uncompromising dedication to quality and design in its print media, a value that this premium brand has always stood for. The new communications platform picks-up on the brand’s and its products’ focus on essentials, for example, in utilising distinctive design elements such as the insinuated banderole on the brochures, which visually underlines the logo, name and model number, or the high-grade materials such as the different kinds of papers that significantly enhance the quality of the photographs. Complemented by the use of an austere, purist typography, all individual elements merge to form a self-sufficient, distinctive and unmistakable brand identity. All aspects of the corporate design for print media, such as product brochures, business stationery or advertisements, are rooted in a style guide, which for the first time ever allows for an internationally consistent brand image and experience of this company with its rich tradition. Statement by the jury »Creating a new corporate design for a company such as Leica Camera requires both cautious sensibility and a high degree of innovative sophistication in order to ensure that the brand remains timely and consistent in appearance in the future. Both targets were achieved by this highly reduced, premium-looking and high-quality realisation to outstanding effect.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Leica Camera AG, Solms
  • Design:
    G2 Germany, Frankfurt/Main
  • creative direction:
    Sabine Weber
  • art direction:
    Maik Hofmann
Leica Camera | Red Dot Design Award
Leica Camera | Red Dot Design Award