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Leica S2

Leica S2 | Red Dot Design Award

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The Leica S2 camera system sets new standards in professional photography through ease of handling and an outstanding image resolution. The high quality of this camera, which was launched true to its slogan of “Loud and Proud”, is reflected by the visual presentation of the product identity. The Leica S2 takes centre stage aesthetically in all product photographs for use in advertisements, brochures and POS materials and is presented against an elegant background of grey and silver shades highlighting the model designation “S2”. This distinctive typographical icon is the key component in the corporate design and features on the packaging, for instance, a skilful play with the similar yet mirrored curvatures of the “S” and the “2”, which wrap around the edges both upright and sideways. Statement by the jury »The product identity of the Leica S2 illustrates that the company remained faithful to itself both in terms of industrial design and technology, as well as in its visual communication. This is demonstrated in the stringently designed appearance. Both the photographic and typographic quality is very high – a convincing example that it pays off to consistently stick to one’s own design language.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    LFI – Leica Fotografie International
  • Design:
    Tom Leifer Design, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Tom Leifer
  • art direction:
    Alessandro Argentato
  • concept:
    Tom Leifer, Alessandro Argentato, Johannes Hermann
  • graphic design:
    Alessandro Argentato, Johannes Hermann
  • photography:
    Frank Hülsbömer
Leica S2 | Red Dot Design Award
Leica S2 | Red Dot Design Award