Product Catalogue

Leica Zielfernrohre

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Leica Camera, manufacturer of high-quality sport optics, introduces their first premium riflescope for affluent hunters. The catalogue uses the illustrations of the artist Marcello Pettineo to deliver all the romance of big-game hunting, with none of the shock. Using sensible and sparse design, the catalogue visualises the dream of any passionate hunter: to experience the harmony between man and nature.

  • Client:
    Leica Camera AG, Solms
  • Design:
    G2 Germany / Frankfurt
  • creative direction:
    Felix Dürichen (Art), Jutta Häussler (Text)
  • art direction:
    Mona Pust
  • consultancy:
    Maik Hofmann, Anja Awater
  • illustration:
    Marcello Pettineo