Routing, Exhibition, Books, Street Furniture

Lentereiland Area Toolbox

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Due to a significant change in climate, the Waal dike at Lent, close to the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands, had to be relocated. Visually and architecturally coordinated tools communicate to residents the plans and possibilities for developing “Lentereiland”, thereby minimising their fears. The corporate design has been applied to landscape furniture – such as the observation tower, information cubes, banks, books and a map – in a transparent way. The map displays the hiking and biking paths and leads visitors to important points of interest.

  • Client:
    Gemeente Nijmegen
  • Design:
    2D3D, The Hague
  • art direction:
    Matt van Santvoord, 2D3D
  • concept:
    René van Raalte
  • graphic design:
    Anke Sentker, Veerle Vreeke, 2D3D
  • text:
    Matthijs Coops, Dieben & Partners Communicatie
  • project management:
    Matt van Santvoord, 2D3D
  • printing:
    Drukkerij Tesink
  • spatial design production:
    Brandwacht & Meijer